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The only thing I have to do now is to manually adjust the “Forward” link when creating a new page. The 'Back' link does not need to be adjusted because it uses the 'History Back' function. Don't forget to set all new created pages to 'hide' from the menu and you are done :-) If you want to make further enhancements like embedding the disqus commenting system, get yourself a coffee and read on: What we will do is to embed the disqus code - the comments should be collapsed(hidden) by default. First create an anchor named “comments”. Assuming you use the code above, scroll to the end and add a new line:
The anchor has only one function: This prevents the page from scrolling to the top when you click the 'Show/Hide' link. No we will create the div which holds the disqus code: Show/Hide Comments

Important: If you paste your disquse code before the closing div tag, you will notice that 'Show/Hide Comments' will not work in firefox. You can fix it by pasting the following lines right after: var disqus_shortname = 'yourdisqusshortname'; disqus_config = function() { this.callbacks.onReady = [function() { $('#disqus_thread iframe').css({ 'height': '327px', 'height': 'auto !important', 'min-height': '327px' }); }]; };